Do you want to take the next step with your brand? And are you ready to go from Best-Kept-Secret to Go-To-Expert in your industry? Well…. Then I have something for you!

Give your brand a powerful boost in 5 days!

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses spend their precious time making choices for their brand over and over again and struggle to deliver a consistent message and attract their dream client. Does that sound familiar to you?

You may find that you lack clarity. Maybe over time you’ve drifted apart from your original and authentic core. Or maybe you are starting to resemble what is already out there – a.k.a your brand doesn’t represent YOU.

In other words, that you do not stand out enough in this crowded market and that you miss out on wonderful opportunities. While you know that you have a great vision, valuable knowledge and that you can help many people.

Do you ever wonder why some business or entrepreneurs are so successful? Why some brands are so powerful and have so many fans and followers? While things are not yet working out for you as you would like?

If you are not clear on your authentic core, don’t have a clear message and you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd, you can never make a deeper connection with your ideal customer. And that will be sensible in your energy and fulfillment, and visible in your bank account…. Am I right?

What if you could…

  • Build a sustainable and THRIVING business with a brand that truly feels AUTHENTIC.

  • Finally STOP guessing and doubting how to attract that DREAM client.

  • Claim that EXPERT positioning in our industry with CONFIDENCE and power.

  • SHOW UP consistently in front of your audience with a STRONG message and ALIGNED offer.

  • Make MORE MONEY without convincing, pushing or bribing anyone.


For over 15 years Floortje has been working on analyzing, developing, building and growing brands on a daily basis. It is her passion to combine good strategy with the psychological and the creative side of brand building.

Floortje Lopes helps businesses to transform into remarkable and influential brands and is the brain behind the (brand) strategies of multiple successful companies worldwide. She also helps ambitious entrepreneurs to build memorable, authentic brands and helps them to spread and monetize their ideas and message.

Besides brand development and consultancy Floortje has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to greater impact, bigger financial success and more fulfillment through speaking, coaching, live events and trainings.

Now it’s up to you to:

  • Level up your brand to match your vision and the impact and income you desire.

  • Position yourself and your business as the authority in the minds of your ideal client.

  • Spread and monetize your message with confidence, focus and certainty.

  • See the results you desire show up in your business and life consistently.

Introducing the Boost Your Brand course….

The BYB is a short, sweet and simple e-mail course, designed for ambitious and vision-driven entrepreneurs, who want to grow their brand and optimize their profitable business, while making an impact at the same time.

For 5 days, I will help you to fully focus on growing your brand and increasing the results of your business.

 It’s not until you get clear and certain about what YOU stand for, that your ideal clients are drawn to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Day 1 – Set the foundation for your wildly successful and meaningful brand.

  • Day 2 – Define the core of your brand so you can start to really stand out.

  • Day 3 – Identify your ideal client so you can communicate with focus and efficiency.

  • Day 4 – Create your perfect offer and business model for more money AND impact.

  • Day 5 – Upgrade your visibility and relevance so you will be the Go-To-Expert in your field.

Ready to say “Bye Bye” to being a HIDDEN GEM?

Join the 5 day Boost Your Brand now for €67,-

How Boost Your Brand works:

Join the 5-day e-course and be challenged to take pure, authentic, powerful and massive action!

  • Every day you get a video and exercises in your mailbox which I strongly recommend you do that same day.

  • During the BYB you’ll get new insights and questions that will make you think about how you can strengthen your brand and your offer.

  • You’ll be challenged to take a fresh look at your brand and your company, creating new energy and focus.

  • You’ll reset the foundation of your brand and set yourself up for success, so you are ready to take action and create your desired results.

  • After 5 days you’ve given your brand a boost and you’re ready to claim that expert positioning in your industry. Hello dream clients!

Are you ready to level up your brand to one that attracts your ideal clients, represents your authentic strengths and personality and stands out in the market?

Join the 5 day Boost Your Brand now for ONLY €67,-

Why now is your time?

“There are so many people that do what I do”, I’ve heard more than once. And maybe these are your thoughts too.

Yep, that’s true. Today’s market is full. Big chance that you are not the only person that offers your type of product or service. And that you are not the only person that shares the information you’re sharing. I mean, just look at the internet. Almost all knowledge is available – for free!

And yet, I still believe there are people outside waiting for YOU to hear and learn it from.
This means it’s your responsibility to show up in front of your ideal clients and do it in a way they can see you, connect with you AND buy from you.

Now more than ever the world needs you to step up to the plate and show up as the Leader I believe you are. To share your message, your unique value and your vision with a bigger audience. To start building your legacy that will impact many lives and many people. And make GOOD MONEY with it!

This is your invitation to rise and lead bolder than ever.

Register now to join the BYB for just €67,-.


Nope, this is NOT a social media training. I can’t be clearer on this. The BYB won’t tell you how to create IG Stories, Reels or Facebook ads. It is a quick boost for your brand and will help gain new perspectives on your WHY, strengthen your message, identify where and how to show up with relevance for your ideal client and revision your offer so it matches your brand. I want you to feel excited and confident about your brand (again) because it will be so aligned with your vision, your desired impact and your big ambitions and a true reflection of YOU!

No, it is not. I hope you understand that a full rebranding takes more than a 5 day e-mail course…(right?). This quick accelerator program is here to help you gain more clarity, insights and focus to bring your brand into the world and step up your game when it comes to getting certain about what you stand for. And yes, it could be that this process will lead you towards a full rebranding, but first things first. Sometimes it’s the small adjustments that make a big difference.

Your brand is the foundation of your business and will make launching way smoother. You will have more clarity and confidence to get seen, get heard and get paid. All decisions will be easier and you will magnetically attract your ideal clients to you so you can focus on your value and your impact instead of on chasing customers.

I love it! You have gained the necessary experience through the years and you know your business better than anyone else. But you’re probably here because something feels off or disconnected. Or because you’ve evolved since you started your business all these years ago. This could be the perfect time to revisit your brand to find out how to get your content and messaging aligned with your personality and your vision again.

The BYB is an e-mail course that you do in your own time and space. I prepared the videos and questions for you, but I will not be by your side personally to guide you through the 5 days. I have other programs in which you can have me as your committed level up mentor and business coach, but BYB is not one of them. Nevertheless, if you follow the steps I’m sure you can turn the insights into actions into results all by yourself!

Are you ready to never be overlooked again and go from Best-Kept-Secret to Go-To-Expert in your industry?

Join the BYB now for ONLY €67,-!