The one thing that is crucial for building your successful brand, is to truly understand your ideal client.
I want to help you with that.

Why should you want to attract your dream clients?

Dream clients help you to make your dream come true. They are willing to pay what you’re worth, so you can run your dream business and enjoy your dream life.

Are you….

A driven entrepreneur and do you want to take your brand to the next level?  

Do you notice that you are doing your best, but that for some reason the right customers do not follow up on your communication?  

Would you like to do your marketing and sales in a more effective and authentic way?  

So that you actually get more results with your company and can help more people?


The opposite of the hustle is dream clients coming to you.

No less than 98% of the entrepreneurs I work with have not clearly defined their target group, so they work a lot harder than necessary without getting the results they want. They are chasing clients and hustling all the time to lure them in.

The opposite of the hustle is dream clients coming to you.

It doesn’t mean you don’t work hard or put an effort into building a tactical marketing plan or system but when you start building it, people are and will be coming to you.

Chasing clients is no fun. It cost way too much time, energy and effort.
Time, energy and effort your rather put into growing your business, serving the right people, making your impact, creating massive results and above all enjoy your life!


Imagine this:

  • Attract your dream clients with ease and focus.

  • Sell more and make more money without convincing, pushing or bribing anyone.

  • Work with premium paying, loyal and committed customers

  • Have an overall feeling of success and fulfillment

This free workbook is here to help you

With this workbook:

  • You will quickly gain deeper insight into you target audience.

  • You know where you can reach your ideal customer and how.

  • You deliver greater value to your customers so you make a bigger impact and turn them into returning clients. (ka-ching)

  • You build deeper connection with your ideal customer be being your authentic self.

  • You have more focus in all your marketing communications so you can be super effective with everything you do.

Have we met?

Driven by the motto “Let’s Grow Together” Floortje Lopes is determined to bring a positive wave of change into the world. As a brand strategist, bestselling author, business mentor, philanthropist and relentless optimist Floortje is on a mission to help entrepreneurs develop the Leader Brands™ they deserve to have.

Floortje believes that purpose driven entrepreneurs have the earth-shaking potential to be legendary leaders and leave their powerful legacy. She has an infinite commitment and determination to enable entrepreneurs to perform at their best, motivating them to make a meaningful impact in their unique section of the world while creating the profitable business they desire.

Download your FREE workbook

This FREE workbook will help you become the CLIENT MAGNET you want to be.

After all, you cannot hope or expect that your desired audience will hitch on with what you are communicating without giving it proper thought.

This workbook helps you to make clear choices, reinforce your marketing communications and message, develop a better (profitable) offer and create a stronger connection with your ideal customer.

Are you ready to become a Client Magnet?

Are you ready to become a Client Magnet?