Have you been struggling with playing in a higher league and leveling up your business, but you freak out every time you need to think about raising your prices?

Are you….

Ready to earn WAY more, but you don’t want to compromise on your impact and authentic purpose?

Do you want to create bigger and better results with your business, without necessarily putting in more hours?

Do you realize that the prices you ask now are limiting you in reaching your ambitious goals?

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For leveling up your business, working harder is never the solution.

There are multiple ways to make more money in your business so it will truly be the vehicle to live your most ideal and fulfilled life – and working your butt off for low to average prices is definitely not one of them.

And even though you are super ambitious, chances are that you have reached the limit of your time and capacity to serve clients and there is no more space for you to grow your numbers (in quantity or money) with your current model. Or you are no longer willing to give up on your freedom just for bigger financial results.


Are you….

done with being overworked and underpaid simply because you feel …… (stressed, anxious, uncertain, scared, ….fill in your emotion) about asking what you’re worth? Then this FREE Own Your Worth Guide is for you!

This guide is created for you to…

  • Reach new heights with your business.

  • Feel confident when you talk about your value and your fees.

  • Attract and work with committed clients.

  • Make more money without working harder.

  • Receive more with ease and flow.

  • Live the life of your dreams.

  • Impact the lives of others.

I have collected my key lessons from my personal journey in this guide. I hope the tips inspire you, motivate you and help you to step up your game, own your worth and create the profitable and impactful business you desire.

Have we met?

My name is Floortje Lopes, Brand Strategist and creator of the Leader Brand ™ System, Business Mentor for purpose driven entrepreneurs, and bestselling author.

When I started my first business I’ve made the classic mistake of underpricing my services and programs, while delivering way too much. I was a young mom of two small babies both under two years old and worked incredibly hard to serve my clients and build my business. Sleep was the last thing on my list, and I was mainly focused on my work, my purpose and executing my vision. Getting clients was never the issue, but running my business in a healthy, profitable and fulfilling way was, as it turned out… It took me two hospitalizations to realize this was not working. I had to shift gears and mainly reset my ideas and beliefs around receiving and making money. Next to that I had to do the inner work and truly understand and learn to stand for my own worth.

Since then I’ve been building multiple successful businesses with confidence, fun and fulfillment, I have worked with tons of amazing committed, premium clients worldwide, shared my vision and my knowledge as a highly paid speaker for different international companies and at multiple events and I take three months off per year to spend time with my family and enjoy life. Besides that, I have been working on several passion projects, took a sabbatical with my family to live in Cape Town, South Africa and support local NPO’s and communities.

In other words, this journey has enabled me to turn my business(es) into the powerful vehicles for creating and living my most ideal, authentic and meaningful life and I feel super grateful.

Do you…..

  • …. want to play in a higher league and attract premium clients?

  • …. feel it’s time to step into your genius and charge higher prices?

  • …. want to do this with a rock-solid confidence?

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