Are you ready to make more profit while feeling more fulfilled than ever before?

‘I believe in making your business work FOR you, not the other way around….’

Does this sound like you?

You don’t just want to make more money with your business.
You want to hit that next level without trading your authenticity.

You don’t just want to help more people.
You want to take your impact to a larger scale and truly change lives.

You don’t just want a steady flow of ideal clients.
You want to experience freedom, joy and fulfillment in your daily life.

You don’t just want to grow as a person and entrepreneur.
You want to challenge yourself to maximize your full potential.

And you sure don’t want to figure it all out by yourself….

How are you going to achieve all this?

My guess is that chances are big that you feel oversaturated. Or in simple words: that you have reached the limit of your time and capacity to serve clients and there is no more space for you to grow your numbers (in quantity or money) with the way your business is built up and functioning right now. Or that you are no longer willing to give up on your freedom just for bigger financial results.

But this doesn’t mean you are not full of ideas, ambitions, dreams and more…. The only question is: how are you going to achieve all this?

Because everything you know and did has brought you here…. And that is something to be extremely proud of. But how the heck do you get there?

What if you could…

  • Lay the foundation for a future you’re actually EXCITED about, where you’re doing what you LOVE, serving clients who make you HAPPY, and making LOTS OF MONEY at the same time.

  • Build a sustainable and THRIVING business that truly feels AUTHENTIC and is a reflection of Y-O-U.

  • Hit that NEXT LEVEL MONEY GOALS without putting in more hours or giving up on your freedom.

  • Be seen AND rewarded as the inspiring LEADER that you know you can be.

  • Wake up every day knowing you are living your BEST LIFE, making an IMPACT and sharing your SUCCESS with the people dear to you.

  • Stop hustling and grinding because you NEED to, but only do it because you WANT to.

Introducing the Profit With Purpose

The no-nonsense, value packed online program for intentional entrepreneurs that want to have more money, more freedom and more impact.

A high energy 4-module course that guides you through the steps you need to unlock your entrepreneurial greatness, grow and scale your profitable business, and live your authentic life.

And all of this while feeling free and fulfilled….

What do people say

“What makes this program so incredibly good is the diversity of the discussed themes: mindset, authenticity, goalsetting, entrepreneurship, sales, making profit. It all ties together seamlessly and immediately prompts you to take concrete action. Floortje is one chunk of energy and gives many practical tips so that you can implement practically from that moment on. This program is not only inspiring, but truly empowering”

Marjolein van Mierlo, Founder Vaaia Consultancy

“It was more than I expected! This program holds lots of energy, tons of knowledge and useful material. It has given me the right mindset, tools and information to jump into the new year all pumped and full of energy. And with a clear goal! Floortje is a powerhouse! Energetic, confronting, encouraging, inspiring and generous in the knowledge she shares.”

Nanda van Aalst, Founder MijnStoryteller

What’s inside the Profit With Purpose?

Module 1: Setting the foundation

  • Set yourself up for success and deal with that one thing that stops your growth.

  • Understand how to play the game of business and tap into your entrepreneurial greatness.

  • Discover the essential elements for a wildly successful business, so you can move forward with focus and confidence.

  • Find out which proven system can help you to skyrocket your results, beyond what seems available for you right now.

Module 2: Step up your game

  • Stop guessing what to focus on to take your business to the next level and identify your personal areas for growth.

  • Say goodbye to your limiting beliefs and break through your impeding patterns to clear the way for your unlimited success.

  • Go on a guided subconscious journey to unlock your authentic core and dreams.

  • Define your authentic definition of success as the foundation for your profitable and fulfilling business.

Module 3: Show up like a leader

  • Show up as a Leader and never be overlooked in the marketplace again.

  • Discover the often-forgotten link that increases your clients’ trust, credibility and willingness to buy.

  • Define and attract your dream clients and create massive value to serve them.

  • Create your rock-solid message for your brand and claim your Leader Positioning.

Module 4: Scale up your business

  • Never doubt your next steps to scale your business again.

  • Define, plan and smash your leader goals with confidence (even when the road gets bumpy).

  • Discover how to create more cashflow and revenue in your business from TODAY.

  • Upgrade your sales skills so you become a master in sales.

SO, how much does this cost?

With the Profit With Purpose I wanted to create a course that is accessible to purpose driven entrepreneurs in any stage of their business. For the ones who’re ready for more profit and less work.

(Yes, we talk about scaling, but the program is secretly packed with small tips that will benefit every entrepreneur that is seeking for authentic growth).

Therefor you can get started TODAY for just one payment of $297.

Hi I am Floortje

For over 15 years Floortje has been working on analyzing, developing, building and growing brands on a daily basis. It is her passion to combine good strategy with the psychological and the creative side of brand building.

Floortje Lopes helps businesses to transform into remarkable and influential brands and is the brain behind the (brand) strategies of multiple successful companies worldwide. She also helps ambitious entrepreneurs to build memorable, authentic brands and helps them to spread and monetize their ideas and message.

Besides brand development and consultancy Floortje has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to greater impact, bigger financial success and more fulfillment through speaking, coaching, live events and trainings.

 What’s included in the PWP?

  • 4 modules with multiple training videos inside. Don’t expect a slide show with a voice-over. Be prepared for some unfiltered, high energy, knowledge-packed trainings, delivered in my passionate way of teaching.

  • Your personal workbooks with practical exercises to structure all the information and your insights for maximum integration.

  • Planning pages to boost implementation and fire up results (that’s what we like, right?)

  • A powerful purpose meditation that you can re-do as much as you want to regain clarity and stay connected to your dream and ideal life.

  • BONUS: An inspiration video specially recorded for you!

After the Profit With Purpose you….

  • …. are able to build a business that doesn’t just pay your bills — it gives you true purpose.

  • … can reclaim your freedom and living life on your terms. Everything is possible when you’re the one in charge.

  • … have stepped into a completely new mindset and unleashed your authentic power.

  • … understand how to level up all essential areas of your business.

  • … are ready to scale your biz and create massive results and impact.

What others say

“It is impossible to describe, words are not enough to express my excitement and gratitude! I’ve got way more insight into myself and the life I want to live, and the ways to run a meaningful and successful business. I feel so empowered! Floortje is better than Oprah haha!”

Shaïsta Seetal, Founder The Kensho Society

“Above expectations! It is a fantastic program full of energy and new insights. Floortje is my kinda girl when it comes to empowerment. High in energy and not afraid to confront, be direct or call it like it is.”

Hind Mari, Wedding Photographer

Not sure if the Profit With Purpose is right for you?

The Profit With Purpose is for you if:

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this scaling thing out once and for all, putting in time and getting your business a little bit closer to that vehicle that supports you (and your family).

  • You’re convinced that it is possible to make more money, WITHOUT spending more time in your business and you want to know HOW.

  • You feel a sense of urgency to make an impact in this world and believe you have something special to give.

  • You ‘ve been at the business game for some time and you just know that by scaling your business you’d be able to play at a higher level and create more freedom (and impact).

  • You want to experience a powerful transformation and are ready leave your comfort zone to do greater things.

  • You’re an action takerwho isn’t just going to watch some training videos and never implement. I provide the training videos and resources, but you still need to do the work!

BUT….. this program is not for you if:

  • You expect guaranteed results – I know what I teach works (because I’m doing it myself and I’ve seen many clients before you succeed) but I can’t guarantee specific results from following my advice and tips. I hate to break it to you, but no one can make that promise!

  • You’re an idea chaser – if you’re constantly chasing the next idea and never getting anything off the ground, this isn’t a fit for you. Growing and scaling a business take commitment and focus.

  • You don’t like to be challenged and do things different to get new results.

  • You rather stay right and are looking for proof that you’re doing things right. I can assure that there’s no growth coming from that mindset.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or are not willing to dedicate time to the implementation of the program. I can’t sat this enough times: Implementation IS KEY.

  • You don’t have the strong urge to make an impact in the world with your knowledge and gifts.

Your time is NOW!

Trust me, you’re not the only one if you hear the sentence “Is this the right time to do this?” buzzing through your mind right now. Here is what I believe and what I have been living by for many many years (and that got me where I am today…)

It’s never the right time, so therefore the right time is NOW.

Here’s what I think: a year from now, you’re going to wish you had started today. Sure, it’s going to take time, but time will pass anyway. This program will teach you how to grow and scale up your business in a way it is a reflection of your authentic purpose and supports you to live your most ideal and fulfilling life. Whether you’re ten years deep or ten days in, this will lay a foundation for a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business.

Trust me, your future self will thank you for taking a leap today!

‘Sticking to old habits is a strategy to fail not to scale.’

What others say

“It is a high energy program full of practical tips and tricks. Without losing sight of the bigger picture and the essence of entrepreneurship. A must for every entrepreneur who needs to choose (for herself) and want to go to the next level.”

Joyce Spijker, Author

“Floortje helps people to grow and to transform fear into excitement! It’s time to stand up!”

Jantine Reilink


The course starts when you sign up and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish 🙂

This whole course is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! Why? Because I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to listen and re-listen as many times as you need! You can take five days or five months! Everyone’s journey through Profit With Purpose will look a little different and that’s totally okay!

This course is a lifetime course! So what does that mean for you? Well, it means you’re in luck! I want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it’s yours forever. Chances are that I will be tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now – and anything that will come in the future.

Since this is a go-at-your-own-pace course, it will differ for everyone. The recommended amount of time to spend on the course per week is about two hours if you want to finish it in about a month! I recommend you listen to the module once or twice, spend time completing the workbook, and then implement. I love that you can pause during your busy weeks and revisit a lesson when you’re feeling stuck.

The PWP is an online course that you do in your own time and space. I prepared the videos and workbooks for you, but I will not be by your side personally to guide you through the modules. I have other programs in which you can have me as your committed level up mentor and business coach, but PWP is not one of them. Nevertheless, if you follow the steps I’m sure you can turn the insights into actions into results all by yourself!

Stop letting your business run you.

You probably choose for entrepreneurship because you want to live life on your own terms and experience freedom while going for your dreams. Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat, so you can do what you love while making a profit and impact the world with your unique gift.

Are you ready for it?

Register NOW for the Profit With Purpose online program for just €297,-