How to Build a Powerful, Authentic, Successful Brand for your Meaningful Business

This online program is for ambitious and vision-driven entrepreneurs. In this value-packed and hands-on program, you gain insight into the crucial steps and deeper layers of successful branding.

To be able to create the results with your company that you desire, you must build a strong foundation. In other words: your remarkable and consistent brand.

Creating an unstoppable mindset. Developing a rock-solid mindset that will set the foundations for a long-lasting sustainable business that you love. It will allow you to create unlimited wealth and freedom.

Authentic marketing for attraction and influence. Learn how to turn new relationships and leads to long-lasting clients. Discover the secrets to captivate your audience, create raving fans and maximize your impact.

In the Online Brand Accelerator, you will receive all the steps, methods and motivation you need to fully realize your powerful, authentic brand.

Blair Singer, world-famous speaker, Rich Dad advisor and the best-selling author of several books says about Floortje:

“Floortje captured the essence of branding in a brilliant, profound, yet simple way that I’ve never heard before. If I would have known this when I started my business, it would have saved me millions of dollars.”

You can enroll in this program now and learn:

Module 1
Why branding is essential for creating a tremendously successful business.

Branding and brand management is more than a marketing thing. An ongoing process that involves maintaining consistency around your brand and delivering a positive association with your audience. Your brand is every experience a person has with your organization – which leaves a perception in their mind.

Unfortunately, you can’t control perceptions. You can only influence them.

This module will teach you the ins and outs of branding. A brand should be embraced across the business.

  • Branding Increases Business Value

  • Branding Generates New Customers

  • Improves Employee Pride And Satisfaction

  • Creates Trust Within The Marketplace

  • Branding Supports Advertising

Module 2
Which branding mistakes you want to stop making RIGHT NOW!

Your brand is your business’s personality. It entails a lot more than a logo and a tagline. Once your brand is developed and integrated properly, it should become an aspect of every single part of your business. Since your brand encompasses so much of your identity as a company, it’s important to get it right by avoiding common branding mistakes.

This module shows you the branding mistakes a lot of companies made.

Module 3
What the four crucial layers are for a powerful, authentic and remarkable brand.

Your brand is a living thing. You conceive of it, you bring it into the world, and you nurture it. As a person, your brand is multi-layered with its own personality and voice. It lives in a world where only the strongest survive.

In our information-choked world, brands compete with thousands of bits of information every day in an effort to occupy just a small part of the consumer’s brain. If yours is a strong, consistently-delivered brand that connects with your customer, it can cut through all that clutter so that your customer can absorb its message, and respond to it.

Good branding matters. It’s more than catchy marketing speak. It’s what builds customer loyalty over time. The strength of your brand can be measured by examination of its layers. The various aspects that make up your brand. These layers should be aligned with one another. The layers of a typical brand will be the major aspect of this module.

Carefully developing your brand is key to its success. It takes effort to build and maintain all the layers of your brand, but it’s a process and investment that helps your business grow and stay strong. We help you with that.

Module 4
How to realize your full potential as an entrepreneur.

Everyone wants to be successful in their professional lives, feel satisfied with their achievements and exceed their biggest expectations. Entrepreneurs on an everyday basis do their best to keep improving, to grow and to become better leaders.

To reach their full potential they must make an extra effort, work harder and be focused on the things that really matter. In this module, we will highlight the effective ways to follow, which will help you to be better than you had been yesterday.