Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, you have the feeling that your brand is holding you back, instead of strengthening you. It will keep you from growing and influencing the lives of many people. Sometimes you may wonder why your brand doesn’t work for you. It will feel like you have created a brand that feels like a prison. 

To grow as an entrepreneur, you need to create a brand that enables and supports you to realize your full potential. You need to think BIGGER! 

In this episode of #LeaderBrandTV, I will share three reasons why you should build a brand that is BIGGER than yourself. You’ll learn why creating a more prominent brand will help you reach great heights with your business.

WATCH the video down below to learn how to use your brand to fulfill your potential as an entrepreneur. 

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Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ve just learned. 

The scariest thing is to create something bigger than you. I explained three reasons why you have to take that BIG step. 

  • Your brand might not support you in the future. 

Every entrepreneur has a blind spot that they forget. You are not always capable of seeing your full potential of you and your brand. If you are building a brand from that blind spot, your brand might not support you in a few years. You don’t need to force yourself to create a brand, but you need to unwrap that brand that is already in you and start building it.  Once you start building your brand that’s more significant than yourself, and you’re growing as an individual, you’ll not find yourself trapped in your brand. You need to go beyond whatever you think is available for you and your brand right now. 

  • Don’t make your brand dependent on you 

When you build a brand that depends on you, it means that at some point, there is a limit to what you can achieve with your brand. You are replaceable. Instead of selling your time, you need to sell your value. People will buy your ideas. From there, you and your brand can grow. If you build a brand that is bigger than you, you’re not limited to WHERE you can grow and WHAT you can do with your brand.

  • Create your business with the idea of selling it 

Sometimes you can lose your passion and interest for your brand and company. You don’t want to get to the point where you have to stop, and you have to realize that the brand depends on you. You have to create your brand with the idea that one day you might sell your brand. This is the point where you become a REAL business owner and not just someone who works in your company. You need to be an entrepreneur out of freedom and not have a brand that stops you from growing. You need to fulfill and discover your full potential. 

In addition to the three main reasons why you should make your brand BIGGER than yourself, there’s one last thing that I should be share with you.

When creating a brand, consistency is essential. If you don’t create a brand that’s bigger than yourself, you’ll see that in a few years, you’ll have to change your brand. You may have evolved or outgrown your brand to such an extent that it becomes less relevant. The whole idea of being a consistent and trustworthy brand is gone. If you create a bigger brand, all you have to do is innovate with the changing market, instead of turning your entire brand upside down.

It’s an organic GROWTH process. Your brand needs to support you in creating the business you deserve. Your brand needs you.