As an entrepreneur, you may spend most of your time trying to be visible in the market and trying to attract the attention of your potential customers. THINK AGAIN!

It’s not only about being visible and being present anymore; it’s something much BROADER and more significant than that.

As you might know the consumer landscape, our society, and technology are changing very quickly. This affects THE WAY you use your branding and marketing. You must be aware of these changes so you can use those changes and adjust where needed for you, to be as successful as possible!

In this episode of #LeaderBrandTV, I give you deeper insights into the constantly changing market. I will teach you the difference between the old and NEW rules of branding. You’ll find out why the combination of trust, brand loyalty, and financial success is essential for you to grow.

Watch the video down below to learn how you can make your Leader Brand work FOR you instead of against you.

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Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ve just learned. 

Where the old rules of branding told you that you need to create brand awareness to get people to take action, the new rules will tell you DIFFERENTLY.

The new rules of branding show that you need to focus on attraction, affinity, and then action. The significant difference with the old way of branding is that people don’t trust the attention anymore, because most of the time, they know that attention is bought. Affinity is something that YOU’VE EARNED!

Before, it was only about sharing and telling your story. Today it’s all about telling a story that your customers want to tell as well. Make people your partner, build that relationship, and integrate them into your brand.

FOCUS on the attraction and affinity and then get people into action. MAKE SURE that your business and brand are supporting you to become the Leader Brand that you deserve to be.