The power of authenticity is underestimated. You can’t go without being authentic. When you build a business, you have to have a brand. A brand helps you lay a foundation and helps you give direction to all your marketing activities. Your brand is your way of building trust, connection, and credibility with your audience.

I’ve designed three questions ESPECIALLY for you to discover and clarify your unique qualities and talents. So that you can express yourself in your authentic way and show up with confidence. You can find these specially designed questions below the video.

In this episode of #LeaderBrandTV I tell you all about how to break through perfection. Learn why being your authentic self is THE way to make your brand and your business wildly successful and meaningful.

WATCH the video down below to learn how to use your brand to fulfill your potential as an entrepreneur. 

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Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ve just learned.  

To build a bond with your audience and be perceived as credible and trustworthy, you need to be authentic. That means you have to know YOURSELF.

There’s no one like you on this planet, and that’s your SUPERPOWER. No one has your vision, your story, your talent, and your experience. It doesn’t matter how bright or dark your story is. It’s your story and your experience that is your fuel to build that authentic brand. 

The greatest enemy of good is perfect. The trap of perfection shows us that you underestimate your power and your knowledge and that you wait for everything to be perfect. But there is NO perfection in this world!

The beauty of building an authentic brand is that you don’t have to work hard. Your brand is already inside you, and all you have to do is create a brand that is inspired by you. People want to connect with other real people. Your authenticity will shine through your actions and connections. 

Here are the three questions for you to help you discover and clarify your unique qualities and talents:

  • What do you think is super normal about you? What are the qualities that you find obvious or common about yourself?
  • When these things are common to you, do you then find them hard or easy?
  • Probably you answered easy :-). So the third question is: if they come easy to you, are you then very bad or very good at it?

Tricky, huh? As you can see, all those things you find so normal about yourself, because they come naturally, are actually the things that make you unique, authentic, and special.

So from now on, you don’t have to work hard to be different. You don’t have to do anything special to be special. You just have to be unapologetically YOU!